The training was very good. It was very informative and well presented by Andréa. We learned a lot about Brazilian culture and about ourselves. It opened our eyes to various information and gave us a great understanding of the Brazilian way of life”. - Thana Thevarayan - Malaysia / Brazil, NESTLÉ

“The training was like a reunion from an unknown area. The knowledge approached paved the way for me to rediscover myself in cultural terms ”. -

Paulo Manassi, Angola / Brazil, TELEFÓNICA

“Very useful for me. Certainly the difficulties I faced in another period abroad would have been less if I had had an opportunity like today. Even as contemplation and understanding of my personality it was magnifying ”. - Fabiano Augusto de Toledo, Brazil / Peru, VIVO


I found the training excellent. Your theoretical foundation associated with a solid practical experience made this training exceed all my expectations ”. - Edmar Scarabello, Brazil / Germany - SIEMENS  

"Highly productive showed me how much cultural differences can affect the outcome of a business or an acquisition."

- Antonio Dottori - Brazil / Italy - ROMI

We at IE Intercâmbios can only thank the team of Andrea Sebben for the support, understanding, professionalism and attention given to our high school students all these years. The difference and enthusiasm of the participants after the training with you is visible. You certainly make a difference !!! Marcela Amaral, Head Office - IE INTERCÂMBIOS

The training was very interesting and important for us to be able to understand what is happening with our expatriates. The approach was profound, yet light and full of examples that facilitated the understanding of the experience. I liked the approach created from the beginning and the bond that was established. Thank you for the exchange provided. I felt that we can be well supported in these experiences ”.

- Márcia Dias - Human Resources, FRAS-LE

"Excellent moment of reflection and theoretical understanding of the opportunities, experiences and difficulties to be acquired and overcome during the expatriation period."

- Eduardo Cristal, Brazil / Italy - AGCO

Simply spectacular. Clubs are hardly concerned with guiding, helping and preparing athletes. in this intercultural area. Congratulations on what you do. Continues. It will make all the difference for the football of the future. " Ricardo Nanusevicius, soccer coach - CAMPUS PELÉ

Very good to understand aspects of Brazilian culture and American culture never before thought. I feel much more calm and confident now. Thanks.

Jayne Reinhart, United States, DUPONT

My assessment is quite objective, as I already knew Andrea's work and aligns very well with Yara Brasil's objective. Andrea really manages to make the group think, create and see themselves in another culture. As a facilitator of the process, I am very happy with the result!  

Tânia Rampi, Human Resources - YARA BRASIL