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Organized by Andréa Sebben and prefaced by Ralph Peter Henderson, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expatriate.com brings articles that deal with different situations involving expatriation from the perspective of people who have lived or live this experience. Professionals from companies such as HSBC, AGCO, BOSCH, VIVO, Construtora Odebrecht, Alstom, CATERPILLAR, Yara Brasil, EMDOC, KD Feddersen do Brasil, Universidade do Futebol, Maersk, Club Med, Overseas, Grupo RBS, MSA Consultoria em RH e Bematech, report their experience as an expatriate and analyze expatriation from different points of view.


Some articles are light and fun, giving voice to couples and families who tell their story as companions of a professional who is being expatriated or reveal how they feel. These are sincere and revealing stories of complicity and support. A couple who see separation for a certain period as a way of professional growth or the partner who gives up their professional life for the future of their partner are some examples of the situations described in the book.


The purpose of the publication is to enable a greater understanding of the role of Intercultural HR within companies and to help the general public to understand what expatriation is and how it should be treated.

Expatriados.com - versión E-book Español

Organizado por Andréa Sebben y prefaciado por Ralph Peter Henderson, representante del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, expatriados.com trae artículos que tratan de diferentes situaciones involucrando la expatriación a partir de la visión de personas que vivieron o viven esa experiencia. Profesionales de empresas como HSBC, AGCO, BOSCH, VIVO, Constructora Odebrecht, Alstom, CATERPILLAR, Yara Brasil, EMDOC, K.D. En el caso de los países en desarrollo, los países de la Unión Europea (UE) y los Estados miembros de la Unión Europea (UE).


Algunos artículos son leves y divertidos, dando voz a parejas y familias que cuentan su historia como acompañantes de un profesional que está siendo expatriado o revelan cómo se sienten aquellos que se quedan. Son historias sinceras y reveladoras de complicidad y apoyo. Una pareja que ve la separación por un determinado período como forma de crecimiento profesional o el compañero que renuncia a su vida profesional en pro del futuro del compañero son algunos ejemplos de las situaciones descritas en el libro.


El objetivo de la publicación es posibilitar un mayor entendimiento sobre el rol del RH Intercultural dentro de las empresas y auxiliar al gran público a comprender lo que es y cómo debe ser tratada la expatriación.

Intercâmbio Cultural

Este livro começou sendo escrito como um manual para os intercambistas, pais e famílias hospedeiras em diferentes fases do processo.

E melhor ainda: recheado de depoimentos que ilustram direitinho como as pessoas se sentem e reagem em diferentes momentos.

Um presente para os pais e intercambistas que o lêem  e ali se identificam.

O sucesso foi tanto que virou livro.

E hoje ele está traduzido em 3 idiomas e sendo utilizado ao redor do mundo como um importante instrumento de Educação Intercultural para as agências e programas locais.

The North of the Compass

The North of the Compass is intended for everyone who travels to other countries, but especially for modern executives, as more and more companies are globalizing and sending their employees to other markets. They will negotiate with people from different cultures, launch products and integrate international projects. Situations that can take the executive out of his country for days, weeks, months and years. "Today it is not enough to know several languages, you have to be intercultural", said psychologist Andréa Sebben.


The combination of the practical experience of Fernando Dourado Filho - an inveterate traveler, export director of large Brazilian companies - with the scientific knowledge of Andréa Sebben - a psychologist specializing in intercultural training -, resulted in a dense and, at the same time, easy to read book.

“The multicultural executive knows how to behave in any country, receives well in his homeland, is curious, creative and a great negotiator, skills that are developed through intercultural training, which educates the executive's sensitivity”, defines psychologist Andréa Sebben .


Cultural Exchange - E-book version in English

For those who do not know this book began to be written as a manual for exchange students, parents and host families at different stages of the process.

And even better: full of testimonials that illustrate just how people feel and react at different times.

A gift for parents and exchange students who read and there identify.

The success was so much that it turned book.

And today it is translated into 3 languages and being used around the world as an important Intercultural Education tool for local agencies and programs.

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