who is andrea sebben

30 years ago I went to Europe to study. I lived in Spain, Italy and Belgium. I worked with refugees, with students from the European Council and I was the protagonist of my own studies and reflections.

Years later I lived in Canada & the United States.

On the way, I found Intercultural Psychology that took an intelligent look at migration, people's mental scheme, the processes of adaptation. Then came Intercultural Education, which shows us a new perspective on the world. An exclusive methodology was born, which at the same time, proposes to touch people's hearts, bring privileged knowledge, making them rethink their way of relating to differences.


And the art of meeting has become my profession & specialty.







Graduation in Psychology from PUCRS and UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Master in Social Psychology from UFSC (1991)

Lived in Spain (Madrid), Italy (Rome) and Belgium (Louvain-la-Neuve) (1990-1996), United States (2008) and Canada (2013 & 2017)

Member of IACCP (International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology) since 1998

Intercultural Monitors Course by AFSAI / Italy (Associazione per la Formazione, gli Scambi and le Attività Interculturali) and by the Council of Europe (European Youth Center)

Member of the AFS International Educational Advisory Council (2006-2012) providing Training for Trainers training in Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia & other Latin American students

Training for Trainers for YFU (Youth for Understanding) for countries in Latin America & Central America

Exclusive methodology in the area of ​​Intercultural Education with intercultural analysis & simulation games specific to each case (intercultural training methodology registered by INPI)

Invited professor FGV, Dom Cabral & IEL Foundation for in-company courses

Invited professor at Summer Institute for Intercultural Awarness, InterCultur, Germany

Author of Interc Intercultural: a guide to intercultural education to be a citizen of the undo (1999)

Author of the book Os Nortes da Bússola: manual of coexistence and negotiation with foreign cultures (2005)

Author of the book Cultural exchange to understand and fall in love (2009)

Author of the book Expatriados.com (2011)

Author of the book More bridges, less barriers - the essence of intercultural competence (in development)

UNESCO collaborator in the Culture for Peace program

Unenforceability for “Notorious Knowing” in public companies like Telebrás, Embratur & others

+ 15 thousand people served


80+ countries


+ 30 years of experience

Fluency in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian