If life out there is an adventure

get ready to deal with it


intercultural training

by andrea sebben

for exchange, college,

& courses abroad

Packing to board?

Are you going to do high school, au-pair, university or a course abroad?

It would be very good to have a "recipe" ready on how to adapt quickly and be successful in this endeavor, right? But it's not quite like that. We don't have ready-made recipes, but our ingredients are fantastic


so that you can create your own recipe

My name is Andréa

and I wish you the best exchange in the world!

After living in 5 countries (Canada, Belgium, United States, Italy & Spain) where I did my college and intercultural training + 25 years working with the adaptation of Brazilians abroad and foreigners in Brazil, I came to the conclusion that there is a huge difference between you getting that "little push when it comes to adapting" - or - feeling lonely and helpless during the process.

I know the joys and challenges of living abroad, of conquering new people, of breaking the bubble of loneliness that we find ourselves in at the beginning, of the hard way, conquering the language that at first seemed impossible. Not only because I lived abroad, but because I dedicated my whole life to studying Intercultural Psychology. And one thing I am sure of: we cannot prosper if we feel afraid or confused in the process.

That’s why I’ve gathered the most important topics I’ve learned about adapting abroad and make them available to people, through pre- or post-boarding Intercultural Training, books I’ve written & individual assistance to help you in a way that you never saw.

Because who knows the way,

encourages others to walk.


treinamento intercultural para


Fazer faculdade lá fora é sensacional e o nível de desafio e de complexidade também. Não fique  á deriva perdendo tanto tempo em adaptar-se, nós estamos aqui para encurtar o caminho entre  seus obstáculos e suas conquistas.


para teenagers

Sabemos que  não faz diferença se  você tem entre  13 e 17 anos e está indo morar fora por 1 semana ou 1 mês. 

 Sua adaptação  não pode esperar e seu programa tem que ser aproveitado ao máximo.  Saia preparado você &  seus pais para essa primeira aventura separados, 

 antes mesmo do embarque.


para executivos

Se você  vai fazer um curso de idiomas no exterior para dar um upgrade em sua carreira aproveite e desenvolva novas competências antes mesmo do embarque.  O mercado vai valorizá-lo ainda mais porque Competência Intercultural é a bola da vez.

intercultural training for


Going to college abroad is sensational and so is the level of challenge and complexity too. Don't be adrift wasting so much time adapting, we are here to shorten the path between your obstacles and your achievements.


for teenagers

We know that it makes no difference if you are either 13 and 17 years old and are going to live abroad for 1 week or 1 month.

Your adaptation cannot wait and your program has to be made the most of. Get ready you & your parents for that first separate adventure,

even before boarding.


for executives

If you are going to take a language course abroad to upgrade your career, enjoy and develop new skills even before boarding. The market will appreciate it even more because Intercultural Competence is the ball of the day.


Being an Au-pair is a fantastic experience where you need to adapt quickly to a new family, child care and the culture of a new country. Everything together will test your maturity to the fullest. We prepare you for all of this - and more!


for families

Living abroad with the whole family is spectacular and everyone will have different challenges ahead, by age group, interests and motivation for the experience. Our work will take your experience to another level, giving you many conditions to understand the before, during and after this migration.


If starting a new job at home is challenging, then what if you're abroad? Multiply uncertainties and joys! With our intercultural preparation your experience abroad will be seen in a much more enriching way.


Changing schools is already stressful, now changing schools, cities, homes, families & friends is much more. And much cooler and more enriching than you think too !!!

You and your parents will be much more relaxed and confident after meeting us.


The intercultural exchange of volunteer work is extremely significant. Do not board without meeting us first and you will have a different look on this adventure.


Intercultural competence is the art of the encounter. So both the one who goes and the one who receives must be prepared for this. Count on us to bring a responsible, altruistic and intelligent look to both - and your program will never be the same - neither your customers nor your organization.


  EXCHANGE AGENCIES cannot be left out

Intercultural Training provides the following benefits:

  • Low number of early returns

  • Low replacement cost (family, school, work)

  • Improved exchange student performance

  • High productivity / use during stay

  • Greater adjustment and adaptability

  • Increased host satisfaction

  • Less problems between organization and Brazilian agencies

  • Lower rate of problems between exchange students and family members in Brazil

  • Low incidents that could harm the company or the local partner

  • Significant improvement in the relationship between agency and client

(inspired by SIETAR - Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research)


We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Theory of Migratory Polygon®

  • The characters involved and their feelings

  • The basic characteristics of the migratory experience

  • Cultural shock: a concept beyond obsolete

  • Adaptation theories: interpersonal and intercultural variables

  • Parents adapting their children and vice versa

  • Sticking the bubble to enter: I have no friends, now what?

  • Relationship with the agency: ambivalent, demanding, moving

  • Country of origin x Country of destination - how people behave

  • Mental schema: culture is not what is outside, it is what is inside

  • Migration as changing yourself

  • More bridges, fewer barriers: the essence of cultural exchange

  • Risk and success factors in the Exchange

  • What if I want to go back?

  • Or, if you don't want to go back?

  • Host families, roomates and all these strange people: who are they?

  • Local coordinator, Principal, Counselor, Coach and the ombudsman class

  • A new country, this unknown friend

  • Distance communication between parents and children

  • Preparing to board the children

  • Preparing to leave the parents

  • The boyfriend (a) who stays - or goes in the suitcase?